Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Knitter Network

Today, I headed over to JoAnn's to pick up heavy duty red thread for DH, who needed it for his project. They had their typical 40-50% flyers at the front of the store so I picked one up. I found the thread and thought to also pick up more locking stitch markers, because I needed more.

Then I saw they had 30% off all their knitting books, and I found Nicky Epstein's book, Beyond the Edge.

I had heard good things about the book, and after flipping through it, was pretty much convinced that it needed to come home with me. PLUS, you can't beat the 30% off.

When I got to the register, the cashier commented on the book & told me she had taken Nicky's class at this "big knitting event" that happens every year. When I asked if it was at Stitches, she smiled, then we geeked a bit about Stitches & Nicky's book. I asked her about Nicky's class. (Luckily, there was no one else waiting in line).

When she rung the book up, it didn't ring up the 30% off, but she graciously took the coupon and took off 40%. THEN she ran the stitch markers also at 40% (Normally, you can only use a coupon once!) But I did have to pay full price for the thread. LOL

So, yes, go-go Knitter's Network!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ren Faire Outfit Completed

I've been working on this particular outfit on-and-off for the past two months. I completed the skirt in about 2 hours, but neglected to hem (as I hate hemming) for some time.

The bodice also took about 3 hours, but I neglected to add the grommets (as I hate grommetting) for some time.

Finishing work is a Pain In the Posterior. So, both languished in the UFO bin for a bit until I finally got off my duff to get to work. (Plus I had to wear these to the upcoming Ren Faire, so they needed to be finished.

Grommetting took only about an hour. Hemming took another hour. But the results are great.

Ren Faire Outfit - Linen

(The upper half of the mannequin isn't quite the right size for me, but is perfect for hemming skirts)

Ren Faire Outfit - Linen

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Finished Spinning Projects

I've been busy as of late. Between work, sewing, knitting, spinning, and various events...not to mention podcasting, well, it's been hectic. :-)

I finally got around to taking some photos of a variety of finished projects, including some amazing Targhee from Abstract Fibers; colorway=Malificient. How could I say no to almost all of my favorite colors


It spun up beautifully into a lovely marled skein. I forgot to take a photo of the skein, but here it in in a cake. 383 yards that will be made into something...not sure what yet.

Malificent Targhee

Oh, and there's also my Tweed Spice from Tour De Fleece.

It went from the lovely top to singles

Ashland Bay Spice TDF 2011

to a final 3-ply worseted

Foxglove Spice

Unfortunately, it wasn't quite enough for a sweater (slightly short of 900 yards), so I'm going to try and either find an appropriate vest / shrug to go with the yardage, or combine it with commercial to produce enough for a sweater.