Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Dr. Who Bandana

This past Saturday was the Rosie the Riveter Rally in Oakland, CA. I wasn't sure that I was going to be able to make it, between coming back from vacation at Crater Lake (more about that later....), catching up with work, and an archery tournament on Sunday.

A friend of mine sent me a Rosie the Riveter bandana, but it was a tad too small for me to wear that day (in support). However, I decided to make my own, but with a twist. I took out my Van Gough Tardis fabric and made myself a 24 x 24 inch bandana with narrow hems.

If you've never done a narrow hem before, this website gives you some good techniques for achieving a nice narrow hem:

After putting up my hair in pin curls & messy bun, I tied the bandana around my head.

This is the first time I did my hair in the fashion. I followed a YouTube Tutorial on it, which worked out well for me. I plan on probably doing this again.

And I think I'll be making more Geek-related hair bandanas for myself in the near future. It's a nice way to show off a bit of geek, and use some fabric that I wouldn't otherwise use.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Archery Geekery

I have to say, archery has had a learning curve, but it's a blast. Plus, it caters to my inner competitive nature; not to mention my inner comic book geek with Huntress, Green Arrow, and Hawkeye (from both the Avengers and Young Avengers series).

Plus, it turns out that the competitions also have a bit of a fun geek element to them. A few weeks ago, I went to the "Million BC Shoot", where we shot 3D dinosaur targets.

I mean, who doesn't want a chance to shoot down a pteradon or a veolciraptor?

Not so Clever Girl.......

Oh, and mammoths....

Viewed from 110 yards...

Oh, and there was even a Zombie BootCamp & Training, where we shot at paper target zombies.

Where I earned my certificate for completion...

And my International Zombie Hunting Permit and dog tags....

What's not to love about archery?