Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The LA Garment District: Fabric Mecca

If you're in California and are a costumer or a cosplayer that creates their own costumes, the Los Angeles Garment District is a mecca for any type of fabric that you might need. We recently ventured down to the District just before we went to GallifreyOne (the Doctor Who Convention). Both my Viking and I were in need of some specific fabrics for some upcoming cosplay outfits, and what better place to go??

The District spans several city blocks and is wholly dedicated to fashion and fabric, both wholesale and retail.

(You can find a list of all the fabric vendors here.)

Nearly every shop has a host of fabrics -- furs, vinyls, upholstery, dance & swimwear, brocades, silks, wools, and so much more.  There are literally piles of fabric pretty much everywhere -- as far as the eye can see. There are even a few 'tours' hosted by the local costumer guilds. A full day of fabric shopping will only give you a taste of what is in the District.

Many a costumer designer for movies will come here to source their fabric for their creations. One of my favorite stores sourced some of the fabric for a specific movie -- cough The Force Awakens cough -- although he is bound not to disclose that too publically.

Some of the shops are small, piled floor to ceiling with fabric, where you can get fabric for as little as $1.99 And some, like Michael Levine's, are much larger stores, where you pay a little bit more.

Levine's will also sell you fabric by the pound, if you want.

It's also just not fabric. There are sewing supplies, notions, buttons, trim, beads, and anything and everything having to do with sewing. We might have picked up a few things, besides fabrics.....

If you love to sew, costume, make, or create something out of fabric, I highly recommend going to the LA Garment District. Just bring a friend to share the oohs and aaahs. Wear good walking shoes. AND bring a list of fabrics that you need, otherwise, you might just get a touch bit overwhelmed.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Squeee Moment -- The Joy of Being an Adult

I often get packages delivered to my place of work, because I don't get home until sometimes late at night. I was summoned up to the front desk by the receptionist for a package.

However, for the life, of me, I couldn't remember what had been shipped. I cracked opened the box and had an extreme SQUEEE moment. Hell, my boss came over to see why I had just erupted in fits of squee-dom...and then SHE squeed herself. (I love my boss. She's as geeky as they come....)

For this is what I got in today's mail....

When I was a kid, I DESPERATELY wanted the entire Voltron set. Heck, I would have been somewhat satisfied with just ONE of the lions, especially the black or red lion! I remember seeing them displayed at various toy stores that I walked by, but my family said they were much too expensive. (Back then, it was at least $20 for one lion, which was a lot of money).

A friend of mine posted that he had recently purchased this set online, and I KNEW that I just had to have it and fulfill an old childhood desire.

Because one of the best things about being an adult is when you can afford something you really really want.

Now, I just have to wait until I get home to play with my new toy.....(although my boss and I might have taken a small peak at the toys....)