Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A bit of Knitting & Spinning

Yesterday, I got an itch to get really going on a project, so I spent part of last night finishing up the body of my Ribby cardigan (knitted in the round). Then I steeked it, and started both of the sleeves in the round (magic loop). All the while, getting caught up with various sci-fi/fantasy podcasts.

This project has taken *forever* to finish as I knit primarily at lunchtime, but I can actually see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. (I started on July 4th, 2010!!!!)

In spinning news, I finished up 4 oz of a purple tweed merino fiber, 2-plied it, which was then washed, thwacked, snapped, and hung to dry.

I sampled a 3-ply and 4-ply yarn, but it was too much for the project I want to knit with it (the Citron shawl from So, I went with a 2-ply that landed me with a heavy-ish fingering weight yarn. Next time, I think I will sample more than I did before and actually knit up swatches of the finished yarn, but I was far too lazy to actually do that this time around.

It's a lovely lovely yarn with a really nice hand. Four ounces landed me about 400 yards. I just now have to finish spinning the other 4 oz of said purple tweed fiber.

And eventually, I'll get around to knitting the Citron...right after I work through the rest of my queue on Ravelry. *sigh*