Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fasion & Necessity

Despite knitting (quite a bit), I find myself *still* a costumer at heart. A true** knitter would have knitted a solution to the problem. Me? I sewed instead. LOL

I'll be going to a convention later this month, and much of the costuming I had planned to do (and had even created) kinda fell apart as I realized that crutches + current costuming = bad idea. (One costume has a 2 foot train with 4 foot long sleeves. This does not bode well with crutches).

However, being a costumer, I can make my crutches 'accessories'. I did some searching on the Interwebs for crutch costuming ideas, and found one that sold little "saddle bags" for crutches. Being the crafty sort of person, I went ahead and made some myself (because I had the fabric & accessories and the time.)

First, I made a prototype using some left over fabric & the necessary materials, and within 2 hours (only because I had to hobble from table to sewing machine and finding everything took forever...) I had my first prototype.

It's pretty, very functional, and was immediately very useful to carry around my phone or a bottle of water as I hobbled from place to place. BUT, I also immediately noticed how I could make it better. So a day later, I made another one (in the theme of the convention) that had more options.

a) it's slightly bigger
b) has segregated pockets on the inside
c) it's fully finished.
d) has an outside pocket
e) has a backstrap so that it's secure to the crutches.

2nd crutch bag

It's made from leftover material from the kimono (with 2 foot train & 4 foot sleeves) that I *had* been planning on wearing at the convention. And what's nice is that I'll be able to use it long BEFORE the convention and AFTER the convention.

And once I no longer need the crutches? It becomes nifty knitting project bags.

Now, I just have to completely rethink my costuming options that include crutches.

** I use this term facetiously, and generally poking fun at myself.