Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Change is Good.

Change is good. When I created my blog, I really didn't know what to name it and flailed a bit for a good name. I thought "Sharp Pointy Objects" would be appropriate since I deal with SPOs all the time. But, it was always intended to be more

However, I'm also a geek at heart, and I have different areas of geekiness -- from fiber arts, to sci-fi/fantasy geekery, to costuming geekery, to photography geekery. Then one day as I was waking from a half-sleep, I realized what the final name of my blog should actually be!

Hence, Geek Grrl Crafts!

I've moved over all of my posts, but kept Sharp Pointy Objects as to redirect people to this new blog site. I hope to get more general geeky-ness written in future posts.

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