Sunday, February 26, 2012

Two Cons in Two Weekends -- Stitches West 2012

I'm going to do my con reports slightly out-of-order, because I don't want to put any spoilers for our recorded podcast.

Stitches West was awesome. Sandy, myself, and Amy went only for one day, but we had fun. We had a lunch before going to Stitches West, which afforded us
a) a much better & cheaper lunch than convention hall food
b) actual good fuel by which to go peruse the many fine wares & designs
c) missing a great deal of the crowds

My budget for this year's Stitches was nominal -- mostly due to a blown head gasket & valve from my car, but I digress. I had a little bit of spending money, but it had to be on things I ABSOLUTELY LOVED. Luckily, Sandy & Amy were there to keep me honest.

We had a plan for walking around the whole convention floor so that we could see everything. At one point, we came across this kinda cool / kinda creepy yarn covered mannequin at Lion Brand. When I showed DH the photo later, he said it was the yarn monster who steals the 2nd pair of your socks from the laundry.

Yarn Golem

I much preferred their argyle giraffe. (Sorry for the sideways image)

Anyways, both Amy & Sandy found tons of yarn and had bags full of shopping. Me? I desparately wanted Tess Kitten yarn (an-omg-so-soft cashmere/silk blend) but none of their stock was in a color way suited to me. *sigh*. As aforementioned, both Amy & Sandy kept me honest, as I really REALLY wanted the yarn.

I simply had a few choicer picks, including a special order from Abstract Fibers (cashmere & silk) in the Malificent colorway -- I'll spin my own cashmere silk in my colorway instead!

We caught up with a bunch of friends who were there and talked yarn & fiber. It was a most excellent day!

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