Friday, March 15, 2013

Bouclé anyone?

It turns out that I have a few quills of leftover yarn from SpinU. But, what to do with them? I have a mixture of wool (such as merino, superwash merino, BFL) and silk -- 8 quills total,

I decided to attempt my hand at making bouclé again. I used some very tightly single spun silk single (#8 quill). It had curlyQs as it was spun so tight. I needed a very tightly spun yarn, or I could have used a nylon thread, as I needed the core yarn to stay stable throughout the spinning.  And I used some loosely spun wool singles (#6 quill), and started spinning on my Ashford Kiwi.

In spinning this type of yarn, one hand (my left) holds the core yarn (the silk) steady, while the other hand (my right) adds the secondary yarn at a 90-ish degree angle to the core yarn.

Spinning bouclé requires a "loose" hand, so to speak. You're literally, "throwing" the secondary yarn over the core yarn, then pushing the yarn up a bit to form loops.

I seriously forgot how much fun it was to make this type of yarn. Unfortunately, I forgot to put my sliding hook flyer on my Kiwi, and the little bouclé loops get catching on the regular hooks so I had to stop frequently and unhook them, as well as adjust my take-up on the drive band.

I ended up with a small sample skein. I ran out of the secondary yarn faster than the core yarn, because you're using more secondary yarn in order to form loops.

Isn't it cute?

I'm still not quite sure what I'll do with it, as I don't tend to knit with bouclé at all. I am told that it makes a great weft yarn to weave with, but I have not done that as of yet, nor spun enough for a weft. But it's a fun spin nonethelesss.