Thursday, April 11, 2013

FO: Reviewing Lisa Souza Yarns & Faceted Rib Pattern

It's been way too long since I actually finished a project, as the Knit Swirl coat is eating nearly all of my knitting time. But I did have an in-between project -- a pair of socks using the Faceted Rib pattern and Lisa Souza's socks.


I loved the colors of this yarn, and how they knit up. With my foot size, it was "almost" self-striping. The Faceted Rib portion of the pattern helped prevent pooling. I can see this pattern helping to break up a variegated yarn and prevent pooling.

The yarn was very pleasant to work with, but if I frogged a portion then that section would be slightly splitty. However, my needles weren't super sharp so that could be a factor.  With its 75% wool and 25% nylon content, this yarn should wear pretty well. (Time will tell.)

I do love the colors in this yarn, and at 435 yards in the skein, it's very generous in yardage. I've enough to make another pair of socks or maybe some handwarmers. I think I shall have to pick up more of this yarn. It might be my new favorite sock yarn.

Lime and Purple Socks

The pattern was fairly straight forward and well described. I did have a slight problem with this pattern assumes 4 DPNs, whereas I was working magic loop. I had to do some addition to ensure I had the right stitch count per needle. But it was a minor problem and a calculator solved the problem nicely.

The "faceted" rib pattern is easy to memorize. However, it does result in a thicker fabric than regular stockinette.  I'm glad that I didn't run the faceted rib down the foot, as it might have been thicker than I would like on my foot.

Lime & Purple 2

Overall, I'm rather pleased with the end result.