Monday, September 11, 2017

Re-organizing our Sewing Closet

Every now and then, I have to re-organize our sewing stuff because it's gotten too disorganized as things are shuffled around, put into the wrong place, or we start piling things instead of putting them away.

I was looking for something in particular that I knew I had, but couldn't not find, so I started on a massive re-organization binge. Of course, I didn't take BEFORE photos, but I'll just amaze with the AFTER photos.

This is our sewing closet -- otherwise known as a linen closet for any normal household. It contains a lot of the supplies and tools that we use on a fairly regular basis in our costuming efforts, such as the ironing board, ironing hams, stabilizers, bias tape, etc.

Along the side of the closet, I hung up all our large yard sticks and other large measuring sticks.

The top shelf has all our embroidery accessories.

The second shelf has other much used supplies, such as zippers, bias tape, boning, elastic, buckles, and other findings. It also stores our various hams and pressing clappers. My Viking got these plastic shelves on clearance at Target.

The last shelf contains bigger boxes, like our button boxes, ribbon crafting supplies, etc. (I'l be able to also put my serger back onto this shelf!

The last part of the closet contains some other shelving (also from target). It includes my hoop boning, all the grosgrain ribbon, various forms of stabilizer (tear-away, wash-away, etc), spools of serger thread, and other supplies that are too big to store elsewhere.

I'm really happy with the re-organization, even if it took me some time to re-organize. It meant that I got rid of things that we didn't need or couldn't use anymore. It feels a lot more cleaner and organized, as well as looking the part! Hopefully, we can keep it as organized as we start new projects!

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