Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hawaiian Tartan

When I started weaving the Hawaiian tartan, I knew I wanted something to wear for the Highland games. So, I went looking for the Hawaiian tartan pattern, and found this webpage that not only had the colors, but also a thread count (albeit on thinner cotton thread) (so I extrapolated and created a spreadsheet with the thread count.)

The colors represent Hawaii and are as follows:

  • the Blue represents the ocean and the sky
  • the Green represents the islands' plant life and foliage
  • the Brown stripe shows the distinctive red-brown earth in Hawaii
  • the Red & Yellow represent the fire and lava that formed the Hawaiian Islands, as well as honoring the Hawaiian Ali'i (Royalty)

    Here's the warp:
    Hawaiian Tartan

    And the finished piece. It measures about 6" long and 12.5" wide. It'll serve as a sash for the Highland games.
    Hawaiian Tartan2

    Hawaiian tartan

    I used all Cascade 220 yarns, including a Cascade 220 blue tweed as it had all of the other colors in it. (Here's my Ravelry project page).

    More information about the Hawaiian tartan is here.

    My pattern version of this tartan is on Google Docs as a spreadsheet.

    I've also found the California state tartan on Wikipedia, along with the thread count. I might have to make this in the future as well.