Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Sometime yesterday, DH found my errant ball of Frank! It had falled behind & underneath a storage bench that we have in our office. It was in a plastic bag containing:
  • a ball of Frank
  • a half full weaving bobbin of singles
  •  my test skein when I was initially trying to determine how to spin/ply Frank
(The photo doesn't do the size of the ball justice.)
Errant ball of yarn

DH was quite proud of himself. He had heard me bemoaning my fate with Frank (a seemingly never ending saga of spinning, knitting....finding out you're short yardage, then spinning, knitting....finding out your short yardage....) He left it on my desk to find when I got home.

I awarded his good deed with much lavish affection. Then I proceeded to finished the last 3" of one sleeve last night. I still have plenty left for the 3" of the second sleeve., which I will finish today.