Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tardis Gloves

For Gallifrey One 2012, I decided to go ahead and create a pair of Tardis gloves for myself. After poking around Ravelry, I saw that there were quite a few Tardis patterns, including gloves.

None of them QUITE fit what I wanted, although some came close. I looked up photos of the different Tardis from the Doctor Who: The TARDIS Handbook-- which we happened to have handy around the house -- coz we're geeky like that.

So, I noodled around on the Google docs spreadsheet and came up with my own pattern. I saw that some of the existing glove used purls to either denote the windows or the paneling. I didn't like that. Some didn't have the right number of panels or windows.

I also wanted to have POLICE BOX on each hand, but no matter how much I played with the spreadsheet, I couldn't fit both words onto the small space at the top without having it wrap around to the back of the hand. So, on that front, I compromised.

I made my first one, and had some issues with the thumb placement, which I subsequently corrected in the 2nd glove. But, still, it ain't too bad (despite my lack of duplicate stich skills). Regardless, I got plenty of complients at Gallifrey One.

Glove 1Glove 2

Eventually, I'll get around to posting up my chart, once I've cleaned up all of the notes I made on it.