Thursday, October 19, 2017

A Purrfect Costume: Debut of Catwoman (Part 9)

Cats have 9 lives, and this cosplay diary has 9 parts. The Con went well. I debuted the outfit by helping to host a WorldCon party --- the BatRave at the BatCave --- with the Dynamic Dodos...err...Duo cosplay outfits made by my wonderfully talented friends.

They even made the party drinks in Catwoman's honor --- the Catwoman Cooler and Milk&Cookies --- which I have to say were pretty darn tasty, both made with rum.

Overall, the costume wore really well for the evening. I still wasn't 100% happy with the collar, and decided that I would remake it AFTER the convention, but everyone loved the outfit. I took special care to ensure I got the appropriate silhouette with the hair and ears and it worked well.

I had a couple of problems with the ears & braided hair during the party, --- the hair kept pushing the ears up so I used a couple of bobby pins to prevent it.  After the party, I decided that I needed to attach the braid TO the ears so it would be easier to wear for the next time. Luckily, I had brought my repair kits with me and took some time to whipstitch the braid to the ears.

 Just prior to the convention, we also decided to enter the Masquerade contest, because all of us are costumers and want to support the masquerade. I quickly put together the music before the Convention and outlined the entire skit.

MC's Introduction: At the Gotham Jewelry Exchange, a certain felonious feline decides to make a withdrawal.
Cue Music: Janet Jackson's Black Cat
Presentation: (All in time with music) Catwoman prowls onto the stage in time. She shushes the audience and takes a "diamond" bracelet and places it on her wrist. She turns to leave only to see Robin. She twirls the other direction only to be faced with Batman. She takes a swipe at Robin who avoids with a twirl, then at Batman. She takes another swipe at Robin, then at Batman...all twirl and end up doing the Batusi dance. At the end, she gives up and they lead her off stage.

We ended up with this little prize at the end of the masquerade, so not bad for a last minute entry.

Here's the official photos from the contest.

And close-ups of the final costume.

And now, I'm going to go take apart the collar and do a final more tweaks to the costume to make it much more screen accurate when I'm wearing it. For example, the belt kept riding up to my waist instead of staying put around my hips so I'm definitely adding hooks and eyes to keep things in place!

The Batusi!

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