Monday, December 20, 2010

Basket of Warm Happiness

The weather in the area has been a bit cold (for us in the California area -- mid 50s-low 60s during the day, dipping into the 30s at night); and some days it's overcast with chances of rain. I know there are many who live in much colder climates that would scoff at our "cold" weather, but, to you I say...phhtttbbbttthhh :-P

I admit it. When it comes to actual "real" weather, California are weenies. If I want "cold weather", I'll drive to it, and come prepared with snow gear. LOL.

Never have I been so happy to actually be knitter. I have scarves, handwarmers, and sweaters to wear, as knitted garments are so amazingly warm and snuggly. I have a basket where I place all of the scarves & handwarmers so I can easily grab them whenever I leave the house.

Basket of Warmth

I also have a few cloth scarves in there as well. The other day, I made the mistake of grabbing a cloth scarf (just for a change, I thought) and wore it to work. I felt every single cold wind blowing and felt so much colder. BRRRR.

The very next day? I grabbed my entrelac wool/silk Noro garden scarf; MUCH much better and FAR FAR warmer than those cloth scarves. I think I shall put those thinner cloth scarves away for Spring or Fall months. For this winter, it shall be knitted wool or alpaca scarves.

I've never been a big "scarf" knitter; having only made a handful, but they are wonderful things. :-)