Monday, December 6, 2010

Cerisara: Completed

I had a change of plans last Thursday (12/2) that left me a good chunk of uninterrupted time to actually finish Cerisara. So, I turned on and worked through my queue of various anime shows and some of my sci-fi shows, while knitting the last few inches.

I had a total of 5 inches left. It toook about 3 minutes to do a single row. And it's about 8 rows to the inch.

So, mathwise (because knitting involves math....)

(8 rows/inch) * (3min/row) = 24 minutes / inch
(24 minutes / inch) * 5 inches = 120 minutes = 2 hours

It took a bit longer than that as there were breaks for food, stretching, and cat interruptions. So, I made dinner, turned on my shows, and knit for a while.

Then I washed and blocked it. It's a bit cold in our area, so it didn't dry for a bit. And, like I expected (from doing the swatch), the knitted fabric "grew", which made it a LOT drapy-er. So I maniupulated the sleeves and length to about what I wanted and that worked out very very well.

However, it felt GOOD to get those off of my needles, as I was getting a bit annoyed at how many things I've started but not yet finished.

BUT, YES! I finished it, and am very happy.


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