Friday, December 3, 2010

The Little Monsters that Please....

Monsters aren't all bad creatures. Some are downright adorable and helpful. You just have to look beyond their initial visage.

I was wandering the Renegade Craft Fair (last year) when I spotted a potter with some wonderful quirky creations, called Skeletal Dropkick. What attracted me to her table were all the pieces that had skeletons, demons, and monsters faces that were just absolutely adorable. They were quite a change from the 'normal' (translate "boring") pottery that I saw on other tables.

When I took a closer look at her wares, I saw that she had a yarn bowl that was lovely but way to small for my needs; it only fit a single ball of yarn. So I commissioned a bigger one from her, and asked her to put two yarn hooks for them.

She obliged.

Monster Yarn Bowl

Monster Yarn Bowl

Since then I've also purchased a monster mug and a French demon butter bell from her...all surprisingly affordable AND amazingly cute. Plus, she was local artist in my area, which was great, since I try to buy local. So not only do I get products that please me, but I also get to support a local independent artist (a win-win-win situation in my book).

I pretty much use my yarn bowl for holding yarns for my project whenever I work at my desk. This is one of those things that bring a little smile to my face whenever I see them.

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