Sunday, March 22, 2009

I have a 2nd Sock!

Well, the matching pair is done. Unfortunately, the second pair is a little "off". I messed up the heel turn, probably because I wasn't paying attention to the darn pattern. The heel is a little square-er than the other sock (which fits perfectly) which then slightly shortened up the reinforced back heel. Bugger.

The sock *fits*, but feels slightly funny at the back of the heel. I'm not about to frog the whole of it back to the heel, so I'll keep them as house socks. I *knew* I should have tried on the sock while making it (like I did the first one), so this serves as an object lesson.

And, it also speaks volumes for actually knitting BOTH damn things at once. So, lessons learned for the next sock.

Photo of the unblocked 1st sock (which fits), so it looks a bit funny shaped:
Insane Philosopher's House Socks

(Hmm....and why does my photo have a *red* cast to it? Must look at the finished web image later, because the original doesn't....)