Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Airport Spindling.

We had a long wait for our flight out of Bozeman, MT. So, I opted to use the drop spindle instead of knitting in the restaurant & terminal. It was nice because I didn't need to pay that much attention to what I was doing, and could pack it up quickly without the need to finish a row.

The waitress at the airport restaurant exclaimed she hadn't seen a drop spindle in nearly 25 years, and "did people still do that?!?" I most assuredly told her they did; I think she might be getting one relatively soon because she kept coming by and just pelting me with questions.

In the terminal, spindling got me strange looks from one of the airport TSA officers (male) who was walking with his partner (female). He just kept staring and I did my best to not stare back. As they walked by, I could hear the female officer explaining that it was to make yarn and how it worked. LOL.

The airplane to Seattle was super tiny (being a prop plane) and there was hardly room for DH to sit comfortably, so I put away the drop spindle and opted to just work on the slouchy cardigan. I got a bit more spindling in while at the Seattle airport, waiting for our connection. However, on the plane home, I put away the spindle again, because I was in the middle seat between DH and another gent.