Friday, December 10, 2010

Scarves & Cold Weather

I've never really been a 'scarf' type knitter. I made my first scarves when I first began knitting; both to learn techniques -- how to knit & purl, double knit, cables, entrelac, etc. I know plenty of knitters who love knitting scarves. I'm just not one of them.

Entrelac Scarf

I moved on to other knitted garments for wrapping around one's neck: small triangular shawls, cowls, etc., and haven't gotten back to scarves because, well, I find them boring. I've only made a total of maybe 4 scarves.

But now that the weather has turned colder, I'm reaching for all of those neck coverings, especially the knitted scarves I've made; and loving them as they are warm and cozy! I'm especially reaching for my entrelac scarf as it's a bright splash of color that goes with almost any jacket I own.

With the cold weather, I'm seriously reconsidering my aversion to knitting scarves.