Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hat Quest + FO

I'm currently in search of the perfect knitted "hat" for myself. I want one that:

1) will play nice with my hair -- (my hair will frizz if you look askance at it. Putting a close fitting wool hat? Disaster)

2) stays pretty darn warm (this unusually cold weather for California is making me dream of enclosing myself in warm fleece and hibernating for the rest of winter)

I found the Capucine pattern on Ravelry, and thought "PERFECT".

I dug through my stash and pulled out my cable plied garnet & my coiled art yarn, which are a good color match

Purple HeatherTour de Fleece - Coils3

Unfortunately, they weren't the right weight yarn. So I made a 3ply out of the cabled yarn and matched the coiled art yarn with some Knit Picks Eggplant sock yarn to make a matching 4-ply.

At that point, I started knitting, and pretty much got gauge with 10.5 needles.

There was a bit of frogging at times as I tried to balance out the purple cabled yarn with the coiled to get enough ratio so I didn't run out of the purple cabled yarn.

Eventually, I muddled my way through it, and had enough yarn left over to make purple cabled tassles. The whole hat is lovely, soft, and warm.....and just a tad big for my head. (I guess I have a small head). But, it fits DH well, and looks pretty good on him. On me, I look like a Swiss Snowbunny.

BUT it's soft, cozy, and oh-so-warm, and I've worn it a few times, and it does do the aforementioned points above. However, I look like a Swiss Snowbunny.

So, I continue my search for a nice hood that plays well with my hair that keeps me warm.

I'm currently looking at:

* Through the Woods -- a hood/cowl combo

* Heelhead scarf -- which would be a nice combination of a scarf and a hoodie

* Hoodwink -- similar to Heelhead, but with a sharper pointed hood.

So, I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with myself in regards to my HatQuest. I already know what color I want -- a nice heathered dark red -- I'm fancing something akin to Red Riding Hood. But perhaps a trip to my LYS should be in order.