Saturday, February 26, 2011

When Life Gives you Lemons...

When life gives you lemons, you cast on a cashmere project. It's guaranteed to make things 1000% better.

This past week, I had a small 'incident' during a sports activity, and managed to rip my achilles tendon...completely. It hurt like a SOB. I went to Urgent Care and they put me in a molded splint.

Of course, it was cold today, and as a knitter, we have warm things. DH took one of his house socks and it fit neatly over the HUUUGGEEE boot/splint. But at least my toes were now warm.

Unfortunately, after this happened, one of the first things I thought about (besides being in pain) was not being able to SPIN! I had plans this coming up weekend to be spinning at a craft night with friends! Plus Frank was going to fall farther and farther behind! So I tried to console myself as any knitter would do.

I cast on a cashmere project.

I usually try not to have too many things on the needles. However, as this was a major thing that means that I will be laid up with minimal movement for a while (as there is surgery involved) AND no spinning, I decided that I need to cast on something "soothing" and something that will make me smile.

So, I grabbed my Tess Kitten yarn that I got at Stitches this year, and cast on a Twisted Rib cowl, because knitter needs a little cashmere in their lives just to make yourself smile.

And this stuff? 50% cashmere/50% soooo wonderfully soft, I have to refrain from burying my face in it so I can knit it up into a wonderful cowl that I can bury my face in on those cold days. I am also planning on leaving enough to cast on some handwarmers as well...just coz.