Friday, July 8, 2011

Birthday Socks

My nephew got his socks on his actual birthday, which was all sorts of awesome. His mother sent me a text with a photo, letting me know how much he LOVES his socks. And despite the 86+ degree weather they were having (down in Southern California), he ran around the house with them on for the rest of the evening.

He keeps trying to wear them, but it's too darn hot down there to actual wear *wool* socks for any length of time, so he's been keeping them with him on his bed and sleeping with them.

Colin's SOcks

The socks fit him a little loosely, but well enough. He should be able to wear them for another year before he outgrows them, which is exactly what I had hoped....provided he doesn't wear them out first.

The photo she texted me (which I won't post for obvious reasons), has him splayed out on the floor, feet in the air, to show off his socks....along with the biggest goofiest grin that a 6-year-old can muster.