Friday, November 18, 2011

Bootcamp Knitting

My daybreak has become my shuttle & meeting knitting. Recently, I spent 2 days in a "bootcamp" training that lasted 8 hours each day. There was a lot of power point presentations and rather dry lectures on technology, development processes, example code, etc.

It was boring, but informational.

I took the time to knit on my daybreak. I got quite a bit done on it.

Using Cascade 220 Venezia Sport

Unfortunately, progress on the Daybreak slowed down after the meeting (not to mention the rows got longer and longer with each stripe, and it became my shuttle knitting. So I get about 1.5 hours each day to work on it while I ride the shuttle to work.

Now, I'm down to the last few inches with all of the purl ridges. Hopefully, I'll have to done before Thanksgiving.