Monday, November 12, 2012

SpinU: Second Trimester

Our second trimester of SpinU was just as full as the first trimester. Here's some of the highlights

Week 5

This week, we learned the art of 4-ply (and plying more than 3 strands), as well as a 3/2 ply (a 3-ply of 2-ply strands)

  SpinU Homework - Week 4 Homework SpinU Week 5 Plying

Spin U - Week 5 Splying

 Week 6

This week, we learned about carding & combing, and spun the resulting fiber for homework.

  Spin U - Week 6 Homework

Week 7

This week, we learned how to spin bulky yarn, as well as thick&thin yarn.

2-ply Bulky
2ply Bulky

For homework, we had a ton of spinning to accomplish.

Thick & Thin Homework -- Single
I had some somewhat felted roving, which was prefect for it. I simply split the roving vertically and started spinning a "single" of thick & thin. Then it was washed and set under tension. I used a PVC niddy noddy so I could wash the whole thing under tension.

  Thick Thin Roving - Felted Thick Thin on Niddy Noddy
Then after washing....
  Thick Thin after washing2

This was not the most "pleasurable" of spinning for me, as spinning thick & thins require a bit of tugging and pulling at the roving.

High twist Single Homework --- greater than 20 degree angle @ 28 WPI
 Single 20-30% Post Wash

Week 8 

 This week, we plied some of our homework yarn (the thick & thin) into a two-ply.

Thick and thin

Sandy also taught how to woolen spin (a technique that I was already familiar with, but it was good to practice), and assigned it for our homework. And, for this week, she assigned a ton of homework, including the start of sock yarn.