Friday, January 31, 2014

Quilting, Yet not Quilting.....

I know that a lot of people quilt, as evidenced by the many independent quilting stores and quilting departments within fabric stores. However, the whole process has never appealed to me, although I am quite fond of the finished objects. (I'm a fan of blankets).

The mother (M) of a dear friend (D)  is a quilter, and she does it rather well. D (my friend) has some amazing funky quilts at home that I covet. I told her as much, and she mentioned it to M. Surprisingly, M offered to make ME one, in exchange for a pair of socks. I was a bit surprised at that, because M is also a knitter, but apparently has never made socks, finding them a complex animal.

I struck the deal, although I felt it was somewhat lopsided in my favor, so I resolved to also give her more than just a "pair of socks". We exchanged information of favorite colours, styles, and the ilk. As M was back East, we became "penpals", and sent each other letters & postcards with updates of our respective projects.

I made her a pair of socks, which kinda looked like these (except, these are mine out of leftover yarn); I forgot to take photos of her socks before I sent them off.


I also sent her a handwoven scarf (which she promptly entered into the County Fair, and it won First Prize!)

Red Marl

In turn, M sent me a most amazing quilt. I love it.

Untitled    Untitled
The backing

The only problem is that it hasn't been actually quilted yet. The whole thing is basted together. M had told me months ago that she was stalled on the actual quilting portion, although the entire thing was pieced and basted together. I told her to go ahead and send it to me, because it can't be THAT hard to actual quilt the whole thing, right? (knock on wood)

Now, I just have to actually quilt the darn thing. (Sammy approves of the quilt)