Friday, April 18, 2014

Doctor Who Vest

If you love Doctor Who and cosplaying, here's a little item that you might be interesting in purchasing ....that is, if you're not quite willing to knit a ton of intarsia.

Die-hard Dr. Who knitters might chastise me for not knitting it myself, BUT, I have a finite amount of knitting time and a very large Ravelry queue to create. This sweater vest is quite affordable and means I can spend time on other endeavors! had carried for a little while, and I immediately got my own from them. It's a BBC-approved "jumper", and sold by a British manufacturer, Lovarzi.

Of course, as a knitter, I totally had to look at the workmanship. It's obviously machine-knit, but it's assembled pretty darn well. Their sizing is pretty accurate. I ordered for my size (according to their chart) and it fit well.

Unfortunately, it's made knit out of acrylic, but the finishing is pretty good. For instance, the seams aren't serged, and everything lines up quite nicely.


And I think the pocket is steeked.

Obviously, I'm going to have to make the rest of the outfit to do a cross-play of the 7th Doctor.