Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Han Solo Costume: Modifying the Blaster

As it gets closer to Convolution 2014, the last finishing touches of my outfit are coming together -- the blaster and holster. Both are done, but I have yet to finish taking photos, so I will break it into different blog posts.

My Viking wanted to do the modifications on the toy blaster that I got from He loves modifying guns, and I was able to concentrate on other things. The gun, while not completely screen accurate, is very passable AND it makes "authentic" pew pew noises from the movie. It was also about $10.00 USD with shipping, so overall a reasonable price for a prop.

We went over to our local craft store and picked up the necessary paints (spray paints and touch up paints) needed to transform the orange & white toy to look like a passable version of the DL-44 blaster).

First, he pried off the muzzle barrel and gave everything a black matte primer, then spray painted it a glossier black.

After he was happy with how it looked, he put the finishing touches, including painting the "wooden" grip (with aging) and the muzzle barrel silver.

It took several days to finish the gun, which mostly involved waiting for paint to dry. However the finished product looks pretty good and should be fine for on-stage usage.

However, the toy gun was BIGGER than the holster that went the gun belt I was going to use, so that necessitated making a gun holster that fit this prop that would fit on the gun belt. So, that will be the subject of my nearly last blog post on the making of this costume