Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Making Your Own T-Shirts

A friend of mine recently got back into t-shirt making. She invested in getting a t-shirt press.

She also got a cricut machine and printer that allows for printing out t-shirt transfers.

Then, she invited us to come over to come make t-shirts. We bought some 100% cotton t-shirts from Joanns and I dug around for some of the graphic images I've made.  My friend JP had his club logo, while I used an archery image I created for my archery club and the Geek Girl Crafts logo.

We made t-shirts, watched a really good movie (Kingsman), and ate. It was a really good evening.
The t-shirts came out really well. Her set-up specializes in darker t-shirts. It took a bit of work as it does require some prep-time with the images, but it was totally worth it.

Here's the final t-shirt that I wore at my archery practice. The other archers loved it.

And the Geek Girl Crafts logo? This is the logo after coming out of the cricut machine. I'm in the process of removing the excess bits before I put it onto a t-shirt -- it prints out a bleed for the images. (With her process, you don't need to make the image backwards.)

Then I transferred it to grey t-shirt.Unfortunately, I was unable to find a grey t-shirt that fit me, so I picked up an oversized t-shirt that I am going to cut down to fit me.

But, I think it came out really well. :-)

I can't wait to wear it at the next con!

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