Monday, May 9, 2016

Shego Costume: Making a Bodysuit (Part 3)

Putting together a harlequin type costume is a jigsaw puzzle of sorts. I took a long look at a lot of screenshots of Shego and drew out how her costume for the front AND back. I also made some notes on the order of how each piece should be put together.

Yes, I did pull out my crayons to help color in sections.

I taped up the a master template of the outfit, along with all of the color coding, so I could look up and make sure I was using the correct piece. Having this template up (along with the drawings) helped quite a bit.

There were quite a few pieces that needed to be stitched in order. (And in some cases, I forgot to refer to my initial notes and sewed pieces out of order :-(  )

There was the occasional need to rip out a seam that I just made to line up all of the pieces, but for the most part, all of the preparatory work I had done made putting together the outfit quite easy.

I was pleased that everything "seemed" to still come out looking pretty darn good!

Having the extra space from having the utility cart helped. I could lay out all of the pieces in order before sewing them all together.

Overall, the finished body of the suit looks pretty good. It was a right pain-in-the-arse to have to line up all of the asymmetrical pieces, but it worked out.  And because I used a "pattern" that fit me, the suit fits perfectly.

I still have to make the gloves and boots for Shego, and maybe a few final finishing touches, and I should be done!