Monday, August 7, 2017

Wig Maintenance for Shego

While I was working on my Lazarus wig, I decided that I needed to do some wig maintenance on my Shego wig. It was starting to frizz and get a bit tangled at the ends.  I take care of my wigs, but just wearing it can cause general frizziness and tangling as it rubs against your clothes or skin, or from being handled one too many times.

Shego's hair is long and has a slight curl to it.

I grabbed my basic tools for wig maintenance --- a oil based spray to help with frizz, a steel brush, a hair straightener, and some curling rollers. (The Shego wig is from Arda, and is heat resistant and can be styled using a hair straightener.)

After carefully detangling the hair (using my fingers and a comb) and using the oil spray to tame the frizz parts, I used the hair straightener to warm up a section of hair then used the roller.

I used several different sizes at various heights, then let the wig cool down.

I got a nice curl from the curlers, and using various sizes gave me both and tight loose curls.

Overall, I was pretty happy with how the finished wig came out. I got a chance to show off my costume to Stephen Silver, who is the character designer for the show, Kim Possible (and Shego). He saw me from his booth and came out to greet me. It was a good feeling when he said, "Look, there's a well done, Shego!"

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