Thursday, September 14, 2017

Making a Ghawazee for the Renaissance Faire

Every September, our local Renaissance Faires open their doors for a several weekends. Looking through my wardrobe, I decided that it was time to make myself a new outfit. It had been several years since I made one. The Ghawazee is probably one of the easier ones to make. 

This pattern from AlterYears is one I had made previously, so it was an easy enough pattern to "whip" up as I didn't have to make a mockup. However, I did make the muslin lining first, just case I had to make any modifications to it. My sister-in-law had scored some striped fabric from a garage sale, and she was kind enough to give me about 3 yards, which was more than enough to make this pattern. She'll probably be making one for herself, so we'll end up matching at one point. :-)

The pattern is easy and straightforward in its instruction. There are only about 5 pattern pieces, which all involve straight seams. The "hardest" part is adding grommets and hemming.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take some before shots, but these are the finished shots on my dress mannequin.

What's nice about this outfit is that I can wear it with a skirt, harem pants, and any sort of ren faire blouse I might have. The look of the outfit changes with whatever color I choose for the skirt, pants, or blouse. So I can still use this with my existing skirts without a fuss.

It's also very light weight and a lot more comfortable to wear in heat, as there are some weekends during the faire season, which are unbearably hot.