Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A Purrfect Costume: Collaring a Cat (Part 7)

This was the part of the costume that I had been procrastinating on for several weeks -- and making all the Catwoman accessories instead!

When I first started the catsuit, I drafted several different collars to try and get that "ruffled" look worn by Eartha Kitt. The other Catwomen had fairly straight forward collars, which would have been easy for me to replicate.

I drafted out at least 4 collars and tried basting them onto the catsuit with little success at recreating the look. Lets just say that there was plenty of frustration and swear words being thrown around. I was pretty sure that there was a super simple solution that I was totally missing, because collars aren't normally this hard!

I tried no interfacing and I tried using  various types of interfacing, from muslin to this one that is specifically for stretch knits -- the interfacing stretches as well. (I eventually used this one)

My Viking pointed out to me that the look was probably achieved by cutting the collar on the bias of the 2-way stretch material used. I was using 4-way stretch --- no bias --- so this was going prove a bit difficult to do. However, I was still convinced that the solution was easy and I was being obvlivious.

He also pointed out to me that the Con was fast approaching. I could get "close", but not screen accurate, but be FINISHED or I could go for perfection and not finish. (cosplay problem #22 --- Finish in time or get it perfect?!????)

Perfection is the enemy of the Done.

I went ahead and opted for close enough. My collar does have a ruffle to it, BUT, it's not quite the same as the screen version.

There was also some very interesting finishing work in the collar. It looked like piping  had been added to the collar, along with some stitching to secure the piping in place.

I'm guessing here, but from many of the photos, there is a distinctive line between the collar and the catsuit. So, I took some cord and sandwiched it between the catsuit and collar.

And then, I stitched it into place.

I'm still not 100% happy with the collar, but it looks fairly decent and with only a few days left until the Convention, I shall call it done, and perhaps re-make it at a later time.

If I had more time, I would re-do the collar. For now, you'll have to trust me that it looks okay. I'll post photos from the convention, as the collar doesn't look all that good unless I'm wearing the outfit.

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