Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Black Merino to the Rescue!

A bit ago, I purchased a beautiful vintage wool coat at a local thrift shop. There was nothing wrong with it, except that it had 4 small rips right at the top & bottom of each of its vertical pockets. These are normal wear & tear problems. I wasn't sure how I was going to mend them; and Google-fu failed me on how to mend actual wool coats without it looking like crap.

But, a previous needle felted project gave me inspriation. I grabbed my felting needles, some black merino wool (for spinning), needle/thread, and set to work.


I darned as invisibly as I could along the tears, then took the black Merino wool (which was a PERFECT match to the wool coat, and set to needle felting the tears.



This worked better than expected, and now the tears are basically gone, leaving me with a wonderfully warm long coat to wear.....now that the weather has turned into beautiful warm weather.

Go figure. :-)