Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Year in Yarn

In no particular order, the following is a photocollage of all the fibery goodness that's happened in 2010. (Note: Only FOs** and finished spun yarn)

Core Plyed YarnCat in the Bag: Finished sans liningMondo Cable PulloverRibby Cardi 3CerisaraIMG_0296Pink FishOrange FishBlue Fish_MG_0729Dead Fish Hat 1Blinky the FishTop Down No Gauge Stocking CapTravelling Mojo (1)Rainbow SocksOctopus KnitFaceted RiverbedAlpaca ScarfTDF: Rainbow BarberpoleSidestream socks_MG_6602Targhee 2plyWhite Merino 3-ply FingeringCorriedale HandspunNavajo PliedFinnJapanese MapleBlack Merino 3-ply FingeringCoopsworth Navajo PliedPurple HeatherHand ThingeesEarth, Sky, WaterLow Twist Single (2)

Simultaneously, it looks like a lot, but, also not a lot. There's a total 21 FOs and 12 spun skeins. That comes out to one finished yarn project per month and 1.75 FO per month. It's funny, but I thought I had knitted more, but apparently not -- I honestly thought I had made more socks.

Although, 3 finished sweaters for the year isn't a bad thing at all, esp. since I have only been at this knitting thing for ~2 years.

Now, onto 2011 knitting!
** If I listed all of the unfinished objects or WIPs, it' only add about 4 more projects. And yes, there are two sets of socks that look similar as I had plenty of yarn left over to make a second set!

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