Friday, January 14, 2011

The Lure of Chunky

My yarn choices usually run from sockweight to worsted weight yarns. Occassionally, I delve into laceweight or bulky/chunky weight yarns. However, upon working on two back-to-back hat projects using chunky yarns, I'm kinda liking it. Because they arns knit up a lot more quickly than thinner yarns. (As I slog my way through a sweater using worsted weight yarn)

However, I DO like how the thinner yarns drape better when knit up. I enjoy a more drapey 'hand' on my fabrics. On the other hand, there is the lure of finishing up a project Very Very quickly.

Currently, I'm sticking to hats using chunky/bulky yarns. BUT, I'm tempted to knit a warm outer wear sweater using chunky yarn....but the temptation isn't so great as to warrant even starting that type of project.

I'm currently knitting up a hat (my own design) for my BIL using Cascade 128 Superwash (their chunky/bulky weight yarn), and it's Unbelievable Soft and warm. I'm very much enjoying the knitting process for it. I also have some Cascade Eco (in blood red) that I have on order for another quick knitted project (for all of this cold weather we're having).

On a completely unrelated note: I did get The Most Fantastic Christmas gift for 2009! It's amazing. I love it, and it's totally fiber related.

I've been meaning to actually post more about it, but I haven't had time to take photos. And one must have photos for this type of post.

I will get to that this weekend. I'm backlogged on Stash and Project photos