Monday, January 24, 2011

FO: Color Palette Cardigan

After much work, I finally finished the sweater I started back in December, which I had dubbed the "black-hole-of-knitting", but which is finally named the "Color Palette Cardigan".

It's based off the Elizabeth Zimmerman Yoke Sweater, but crochet steeked.

The yarn is a combination of commercial yarn, and the handspun that I had made as part of the Tour de Fleece of 2010.

Navajo PliedTDF: Rainbow Barberpole

The yoke, cuff, and hem are from handspun, and the rest in Cascade 220 black yarn. I was inspired by the Kaleidoscope Yoke and Folklore. The cuffs & hem are different than the body of the sweater. There's a little bit of texture in the yoke, but I tried to keep it subtle.

EZ Yoke Cardigan

EZ Yoke Cardigan (Cuff 1)EZ Yoke Cardigan (Cuff 2 & Hem)

First, I knit both sleeves (2-at-a-time), then started the body of the sweater after the sleeves were done. There's a grosgrain ribbon backing for the sweater edges. And I have to add silver clasp closures to the yoke portion, once I find appropriate closures for it. (I think they add a little bit more than just buttons.)

After blocking, it grew a little bit "longer" than I wanted, so I threw it into the dryer at medium heat for about 15 minutes, which tightened up the stitches a bit, but did not felt it.