Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Replacement Book

Yesterday, the book I had to re-order (because I lost it on the plane) came through! Now, I can finish my damn socks. And I've been wearing my other finished socks, which are nice, warm, and toasty. I'm rather pleased with them.

While I was waiting for that particular book to come in, I decided to cast-on an entrelac scarf using the Noro Silk Garden Lite I had picked up (silk, mohair, lambs wool). I love the variegated colors of the yarn, which is working perfectly with the entrelac scarf.

I'm getting used to the entrelac pattern; there is a pattern for four different types of rows (start & end rows, and the two rows (K&P side) that make up the inside of the entrelac.) Once you have memorized the pattern for either the Knit or Purl row, it's relatively easy.

However, if I'm totally ignoring what I'm doing or get too distracted, I will screw up a section. I've had to frog back parts of it, because I realized that I was doing the wrong row pattern. Luckily, each 'weave' section of the entrelac is self-containing and I usually catch myself before I get too far along.