Thursday, April 30, 2009

Entrelac & Socks


- entrelac scarf -- slow going, as I'm using it as my train project. I can get about one row of diamonds done per train trip (2 rows per round trip). Right now the whole of the thing is about 12-15 inches long, but considering the fact that I like *long* scarfs, this might take a while

- Spiraling Coralis socks -- These socks started off on one set of needles so I could ensure that they would be knit exactly the same. But, I had to break up the socks into two separate needles after it got past the ankle, due to the need to constantly shift stitches around for the spiraling band up the sock. Having them both on one set of needles wasn't working too well, and I had to frog at one point because the band wasn't spiraling correctly.

I decided that these would be knee high socks, so it'll take a while to finish; they are primarily sitting by my desk in between moments of waiting for WoW BGs or waiting for images to finish printing.

One skein was enough for slightly higher than ankle socks, and I'm glad I had bought 2 skeins so I could opt to make the knee high versions. However, I doubt I'll need the whole of the 2nd skein. I'll probably make a small matching pair of hand warmers or some such.

I'm trying very hard to keep them exactly the same. The calf increases are every 3 rounds, so I'm stopping after a set of increases to go do the next sock.