Thursday, May 14, 2009

Down to the last skeins....

Yesterday, I realized that I was almost done with the entrelac scarf, as I was almost out of yarn (I originally had 3 skeins). THEN I realized that I was not going to have enough to actually finish the appropriate row so I can do the LAST row so I can cast off.

(The entrelac is built on 4 different row sets: start row, Row 2-3 that alternate until length, then an End row. However, you need to end on a Row 2 in order to do an End Row.)

So, I can either:
1) buy another skein and make it longer.
2) frog back a whole row (which is a lot, considering entrelac) and then end it appropriately.

I'm tempted by #1, because I like long scarves, and this one, while long, is not exactly as long as I like. AND, I wouldn't have to worry too much about the dye lot, as it is a variegated Noro and the scarf is multi-color ANYWAYS. But, it means a trip to the LYS....oh noes!

But, apparently, in my indecision yesterday, I took the scarf out of my commute bag, which, I didn't realize this morning, until I got on the train! DOH! Gawds forbid that I have nothing to do with my hands while on the train.

Luckily for me, I had grabbed my knee-high sock project, because I thought to finish up the last row on the entrelac and that would only take the train ride there; I wanted to have a second project for the train ride home.

So, it turns out I just have to work on my socks for today. Oh woez! Actually, I'm almost done. I've got less 2 inches on both socks before I start the final ribbing for another 1.5 inches.