Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cigar Gloves

The photographer (aka Cigar) gloves are almost done. I've got the thumb left on the second hand left to finish, then I can bind off.

In this pattern, the thumb, index, and middle finger are "fingerless" and the pattern stops short of the 1st knuckle. The ring & pinky fingers are fully covered. This should help keep my hands relatively warm while operating a camera. (I only need those fingers to operate the camera controls & lenses).

The gloves went by surprisingly quickly using "left over" yarn from my first pair of socks. I'm thinking about making a small pocket for the palms to hold hand warmers, but I can easily make those later. I'm also trying to figure out IF I can make coverings for those three digits without adding buttons (i.e some sort of elastic that wraps around the hand or another finger?), but I highly doubt that will work. that I think about it, I might be able to knit individual tops for those three digits, then sew a part of the circumference into the ribbing of the glove. I might have to knit it very stretchy in order to remove the finger tops when needed. Hmm. Must experiment. 2x2 ribbing? Or just elastic? Hmm...

Regardless, once this is done, I'm pretty much out of knitting projects to start, which is least without buying more yarn. I did finish the guage for the shawl, but that's more of a very slow project since the yarn & needle gauge are...not conducive to overall health of my hands...and I need to buy longer needles for this specific gauge. The ones I have are much too short both in needle & cable length.

I might actually have to go back and finish the projects currently in hiberation -- mostly crochet projects.