Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Egads. I've done it to myself again, and picked up a new hobby. This weekend, I started using a drop spindle.

I started at S's craft day at her apartment. I picked up a drop spindle and some fiber over at Purlescence in Sunnyvale.

I've just finished the skein I started at S's apartment. I've set the twist, wrapped it around a make-shift niddy-noddy (amazing what extra PVC pieces will make with the right connectors), and then set the twist. It's currently hanging to dry. It's about a worsted or DK weight yarn.

I initially measured about ~432 inches (~12 yards) of yarn around the niddy-noddy. However, I think I overtwisted the yarn, so I'll probably end up more...if it's not too overly twisted to use (I hope).

We'll see how it turns out. Not sure how much I enjoy it yet, altho', I do have to say it is a bit of fun. :-)