Thursday, July 2, 2009

Drop Spindling...

I acquired some additional roving from ImagiKnit, and spun that up relatively quickly. It's pretty bulky, like the last one. I think I shall knit that one into a small drawstring bag, then FELT the crap out of it -- it's got thin and thick bits all over the places.

After reading up a bit more on the various forums, and picking up a book over at the Library, I have (more or less) figured out how to do it better. And the practice rovings look better. The first two skeins ended up being a bulky worseted weight, and now, it's more Aran weight.

This is one of those skills are really taught better in-person, because it's so "kinetic" in nature.

There are lot of things I've learned on my own, from reading, watching videos, or whatnought, then just figuring things out, and I'm pretty good at this type of learning....but sometimes, there are things that are done by "feel", and is much better conveyed in person by a good teacher that can help you understand how something should "feel" when doing X.

Drop spindling is definitely a very kinetic practice....