Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kool Aid Dye

Today was a bit of dye-ing. I had some very white yarn from the drop spindle that needed more coloration. I read that kool-aid is a very appropriate dye for wool, requiring nothing more than packages of regular kool-aid and water (and much much cheaper!)

So, out popped an old pot, added very hot water, kool-aid, & yarn, then let that boil (10 minutes) and cool (hours). Colors aren't so bad, although it didn't compeletely dye everything (I have some small white spots), but I didn't want to stir it too much, lest all of it FELTS.

The colors aren't too bad (Black Cherry & Grape), although I did end up with Kool-aid stains over my hands at one point. Sticky, but washes quickly away with warm water & a bit of soap. The yarn vaguely smelled like Kool-aid for a bit, until I rinsed it out and hung it. Kool-aid smell is now gone.

Although, if I do that again, I'll have to do it right with some actual acid dyes. Plus, I've been meaning to actually dye some fabric anyways, so that's two birds with one stone. I took a dye classese while back, and really enjoyed it. The silk scarf that I dyed with a red ombre was *lovely*, and I have a wish to do that again. Plus, as our teacher told us, almost *anything* can be overdyed, provided you like the fabric.

OOOH, and Dharma Trading company has BLANK SILK fans! I could make a new fan to match every costume....Hmmm.....