Thursday, November 19, 2009

Project Updates

On the Spinning Front

--> I spun up my first two-ply on the wheel, which went surpisingly fast. Normally I was plying on my drop spindle, which takes *forever*. However, my plys on my drop spindle look a heckuva lot better than on my wheel. Of course, this could be because I was plying two totally different thicknesses of yarns......

But I am going to need to practice a lot more on plying, because I seriously see the wheel as a much easier way to ply.

--> I have picked up the Shetland I have currently on my Kundert. I've been ignoring it while I practice on the wheel.

On the Needles

I have three things on the needles still in progress:

1) a dishcloth done in the round that I'm going to steek; it's located next to the computer

2) still slogging my way through the cardigan; for when I need something mindless,

3) a small 2-colorwork glove; for the train ride to work

#1 & #3 are learning projects: steeking & colorwork. I may or may not make the 2nd glove of #3 -- it'll most likely fit my niece or nephew, but it's a nice litle exercise in color work.

Insofar as the dishcloth, I actually charted a simple pattern for it, so it's also the test ground to see if the chart is even do-able or if I need to scale it up in size to make it more obvious. So, in this project, I'm learning two things at once. :-)

In regards to the cardigan, I will most likely NEVER work another cardigan or sweater FLAT again. It will be *in the round* because I am hating all the miles and miles of purls required (as this is a simple stockinette stitch). This is the reason why this darn thing is taking too long.