Monday, November 16, 2009

Recreate & Replace

The one nice thing about knitting is that you can fix or recreate something you've done before, or make something you want, but can't find anywhere.

In this case, I had to replace one of my fingerless gloves / handwarmer (Dashing from that I lost last Thursday while on the train. I had been wearing them getting onto the train, but it probably dropped out of my pocket while in my seat.

Dashing Handwarmers

I could have called the train's Lost & Found, but I wasn't too hopeful. On Friday, my hands were *frozen* in the morning, so I just decided to re-make the one I had lost.

Luckily, I still had two skeins of the same yarn already cake'd, as well as the pattern (with notes on my modifications for it. So on Friday night, I cast-on, then finished about 80% of it on Saturday (as we had a two hour drive for an event).

Sunday evening, I worked on it while some friends were over, then bound off as well. Unfortunately, the new glove is ever-so-slightly larger than the original. I didn't write down one of my modifications to the pattern, and was only following the pattern and not looking at the original. But this is a minor nit, and since I am an "organic" knitter, I am not going to worry too much about it.

I also didn't wash & block the new replacement, mostly because I wanted it to wear to work on Monday morning.

But now I have one finished product, and my hands were nice and warm on today's work commute.