Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Craft Room....

I was perusing CRAFT emagazine, and they were showcasing people's craft rooms & organizations. And, I thought, "Wow, my craft room (i.e. dining room) looks nothing like those being shown."

Essentially, these craft rooms, looked extremely functional, wonderfully organized, AND *amazingly* tidy & clean. In short, the Martha Stewart / Sunset Homes & Gardens magazine-ready craft rooms.

Oh, sure, I have most of everything organized. You need to be able to find buttons, closures, fiber, yarn, beads, thread, etc, quickly without rooting through everything. I *love* plastic storage bins of all sorts. All my craft books are (more or less) organized according to topic (historical, sewing techniques, fiber).

However, my craft room doesn't look very *crafty*. There aren't any interesting personally hand-crafted items hanging from the walls or decorating the tables. There are no cutesy items or hand-crafted lamp shades, gaily painted pencil holders, or fabric banners on the walls to attach little notes. Nope, my craft room is pretty much bare bones on the "craft-yness" scale -- unless you count the permanently (more or less) very used cutting board that adorns my dining room table as well as the serger that sits at one end...or the neatly piled fabric on the other end. Or the occasional cat that decides to lay on the table. I just don't have the time to do *that* much "craft".

And, my craft room will probably never look that neat or that tidy ... except *maybe* just after I do a massive cleanup in order to start a really big project that requires more table-space than is currently available. Or maybe just before the photographer shows up to showcase my craft room (and after about a week's worth of work....!) LOL

Coz seriously? My craft room looks more like a production room than a craft room of any sort with the pre-requisite organized mess. :-)