Thursday, January 7, 2010

Shrunk Socks

A bit ago, I had made myself some very short ankle socks using Mirasol Yarn Chirapa yarn in a lovely blue-berry ish color.

Blueberry River socks

Unfortunately, DH decided to throw them into a wash of hot water...which promptly felted & shrunk them down to about a size "2" sock (I wear US Women's Size 7)

As we were going to family for the holidays, I thought maybe it would fit my niece (about 7) or one of the nephew (4-6). And, it fit my niece perfectly...the cuff had shrunk so it was a bit tight, but she LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the socks.

She loved the socks so much that she never took them off in the time we were there (except to take a bath) AND she managed to wear a whole through *both* heels during our visit (playing outside, inside, wearing them around the house, in her shoes, etc). I thought I could mend them, but she had continued to wear them even before I noticed the hole and almost the whole heel was gone. She was devastated when her mother told her she shouldn't wear them anymore and made her take them off.

I promised to make her a new pair of socks just for her. I was tickled pink at how much she *loved* these socks that I had made (and that she knew I had made)

Now, these socks weren't "old". I had made them back in July 2009, and barring the last washing (which felted and shrunk them), I had taken good care of them. I hadn't expected a very active 7-year-old girl to wear through the heels that quickly.

The yarn was definitely lovely to work with, but not good for something 'hard' wearing. I am going to watch my other pair of socks made from another colorway of the same yarn to see how long *they* last.

And, from now on, I'll probably be adding reinforced heels to all of my socks.