Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cerisara: Progress

My Cerisara is coming along nicely.

Currently, I worked down the body to the reverse stockinette stitch, then finished THAT ball of yarn. So, I picked up the stitches on the sleeves and started working on each one.

I *was* hoping to maybe do two-at-a-time on magic loop, but that's not going to happen because of the 8-row lace pattern, which isn't too difficult, but it does require paying attention, lest I miss a YO on occasion (which I have multiple times).

Silver Cera

So, in order to ensure both sleeves have the same length & number of rows, I'm doing one lace pattern on one sleeve, then switching to the other sleeve. AND I'm using one cake of yarn for both so that I'm not juggling the sweater AND two balls of yarn. However, I am using one set of circular needles for each sleeve.

In order to ensure that the cake doesn't get too tangled, I am employing a used nylon stocking (toe cut off). The stocking keeps the cake from getting tangled because each yarn end comes out of either end of the stocking.

Overall, I LOVE the yarn, Cascade Venezia. I hadn't intended on making it "silver" like the sample, but I loved the yarn and it was the color that I liked well enough while perusing at Purlescence.

I also really like this pattern. However, it's not your 'mindless knitting' and does require a bit of attention. I'm not wholly sure I will make this cardigan again, just because of that fact, but I might.....given enough time away from the project.