Monday, November 22, 2010

War between the brains...

Until this weekend, I had been knitting consistently on my Cerisara with absolutely no deadline for it to finish.

Silver Cera

However, at one point, I got the idea in my head that I would finish it and wear it to Thanksgiving dinner. Of course! What an idea! I could do it.

Then the logical part of my brain kicked in, and is currently warring with my creative side.

Logical Brain: I don't think this will happen. You need to do 10 inches on BOTH sleeves that has an 8-lace pattern. It takes you nearly an HOUR to do one repeat of the pattern.

Creative Idea Brain: Yeah? So? One repeat = one inch

Logical Brain: Which equals 20 hours worth of work! AND you still have to knit another 8 inches of stockinette stitch for the body AND finish the bind off.

Creative Idea Brain: I can do it.

Logical Brain: That's 28 inches of knitting you need to do BEFORE Thursday. When are you going to sleep?

Creative Idea Brain: *flexes knitting muscles* I'm up for the challenge.

Logical Brain: AND you need to block. It's been wet outside. It'll take long to dry

Creative Idea Brain: Blocking? Who needs blocking. We can do this.

Logical Brain: OY....